California emphasizes ObamaCare penalty

Extract from Article Written By Elise Viebeck:

California’s health insurance exchange is reminding consumers that they will face a penalty under ObamaCare for remaining without coverage, a messaging tool to boost enrollment that other marketplaces have hesitated to embrace.

Covered California, one of the nation’s most successful exchanges, made no effort to downplay the individual mandate penalties that took effect last year and are set to rise in 2015. The marketplace is encouraging consumers to pick plans by Thursday, the deadline for insurance that kicks in Feb. 1.

“It’s important that consumers understand now that the cost of remaining uninsured is rising,” Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee said in a statement Tuesday. “This year, a family of four earning $70,000 a year could pay close to $1,000 in their taxes if they remain uninsured in 2015.”