Health Reform and the Role of the Agent

From the Covered California website, as it relates to Obamacare:

Can my insurance agent help me purchase coverage from Covered California?

“California health insurance agents are expected to be an important outreach and enrollment channel for Covered California’s small employer program, as well as for the individual market. Covered California is working closely with insurance agents to make sure they can continue to serve you in the best, most informed way possible. Insurance agents who have been certified by Covered California are able to enroll their clients through Covered California. If you are using an insurance agent now, you may continue to do so and still take advantage of health insurance offered through Covered California.”

We will register in late August, as soon as it becomes available, and be able to certify in September.  We will be getting a “Certified Agent number” after completion of the required training (in addition to the existing education required to be a licensed agent in California).  Whether Individual, or Small Group, we will be able to offer plans to you either inside, or outside, of the Covered California Exchange(s).

And as always, we have Medicare Supplemental plans available for Seniors, Dental, Term Life, and Travel Insurance.  We are here to serve!

Obamacare and You

The more we learn about the PPACA, the more complicated it becomes.  As your agents, we are here to help.

If you have a Kaiser small business group plan, please call or email us by mid-August regarding possible early renewals.  You may have also received mailings from Kaiser with a detailed list of your options.  Feel free to call us to discuss any questions on the material you receive.

We will also be contacting all of our clients by email, phone or mail-out in the coming months.

Open enrollment is from October 1st, 2013 to March 31st, 2014 for Covered California (for Individuals) and SHOP (for small groups), assuming you are interested and/or qualify for a subsidy.

We can continue to work as your agents (as long as you go through us for enrollment) and appreciate your loyalty throughout the years.

We will be registered for the PPACA certification in late August, and certified to sell on the Exchanges in September.  We will be keeping you posted as we learn more.