What Can An Agent Do For Me?

To become an agent, strict educational requirements, ethics training, and testing are required prior to every license renewal.


Before you become a client:

An agent can help you understand the differences between plans and benefits of the various policies and the various insurance companies.


An agent can help you find the most cost-effective options to suit your needs and budget requirements.


Once you become a client, an Agent can help in numerous ways:

·         Extended hours

·         Faster response time

·         Advocate for clients

·         Help people to get procedures approved or claims processed

·         Enrollment assistance – save you time

·         Help individuals and small businesses with their paperwork

We often save you money.  We review your current plan and look at other options for the purpose of cutting costs.

 As a reminder, there is NO cost to the consumer to use an agent.  And the rates are the same, whether you use an Agent or go directly to the insurance company to purchase your policy.


And just for fun, here is another recent picture of a beautiful sunrise in the Southern California mountains where our offices are located…




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