John Malkovich Quote

John Malkovich was on Charlie Rose (PBS) last night and one of the things he said felt worthy of sharing.

“If you’re anywhere as lucky as I have been, but even if you’re just moderately lucky, the world is in fact, an exquisitely beautiful, endlessly fascinating place filled often with spectacular people.”

Good sentiment.  It’s a nice way to feel about our human existence.  Nice reminder.  Thanks to all of you spectacular people in this beautiful world for reading our blog.

The Holidays are Approaching

Well, we haven’t posted to this space for quite some time.  We’ve had a cancer diagnosis in the family — a major stroke within the family — and a very full workload.  We’re sharing life’s challenges along with everyone else.  Seems to be a challenging time for most.  The good news is, we learn and grow from these experiences (it’s true), and both patients are on the mend.  Thank goodness.

We realize we can’t always change events that occur in this lifetime, but we can change our thoughts and reactions to them.  We can create a perspective that serves us best — minimizing stress — and maximizing happiness.  Getting enough sleep and eating the right foods has helped to fight off the negativity.

We’re sending out our annual update letters to all our clients this week, and we’re always here when you need us.  We hope you had a nice Halloween and are gearing up for the Holiday season.  We’ll try to update our blog more often.  We like staying in touch with everyone and we appreciate you all so much.