Health Reform Update

Many of our clients ask about the status of the health reform law.  

Proponents and critics of the PPACA are also anxiously awaiting a hearing in Virginia on Tuesday in which a
three-judge panel will begin hearing oral arguments in two separate Virginia-based lawsuits that question the constitutionality of the law and its individual mandate, CQ HealthBeat reports (Norman, CQ HealthBeat, 5/8).  You can read more here:


My Grandson, William

My son sends me periodic updates of my hilarious 6-year old grandson, William.  I wanted to share a few with you:


William: I wonder if Chewbacca was an Ewok when he was a baby?

[after a night of coughing from asthma, praying before going to bed]

William: God, thank you for our friends and our family and our food and our house, and please help me breathe tomorrow.


[after getting to play Squanto in his school play about Squanto and Abraham Lincoln in the next school play]

William: I’ve gotten to play some awesome people.


[while mom was playing with a rubber band]

William: I can do something pretty amazing with that.


[coming running into the house crying]

William: I fell and hit my eye on the handlebar of my scooter.

[five minutes later back outside playing with Hannah]

William: Do you mind if we play on the playground instead of riding scooters, because I can’t ride with one eye? Well, I can, but it’s not a good idea.


Dad: Do you like school?

William: Yes.

Dad: What do you like best at school?

William: Recess.

Dad: What subject do you like best at school?

William: PE.

Dad: What learning subject do you like best at school?

William: Math. No, reading.

Dad: Why reading?

William: Because you don’t have to write anything. The author writes the whole book.


William: My friend Derek is taking analbiotics.

Dad: What?

William: My friend Derek is taking analbiotics.

Dad: I think you mean antibiotics.

William: Yeah, that’s right.


William: Why is it called The Dark Side?

Dad: I don’t know.

William: I think because they all wear dark clothes, like Darth Vader.


William: Why are Han Solo and Chewbacca best friends?

Dad: I don’t know.

William: Maybe it’s because Chewbacca was lost in the forest and the Dark Side guys were after him, and Han Solo saved him, and then Chewbacca said thank you and they became best friends.


William: Why do I always have to clean up my own messes?


William: Tomorrow, I want to play with Rudy, so you can take me over there at about 11, and then we can hang out for an hour or so and then have lunch and then play for maybe three more hours and then it will be about 3 o’clock and you can come pick me up.


William: Are you going to drive me to McDonalds and then over to Rudy’s.

Mom: We’re going to drive you to McDonalds and then you can walk to Rudy’s.

William: OK, but I’ll need a GPS.


Dad: Do you want to try this tuna fish?

William: OK. Have I ever had tuna before?

Dad: I don’t think so. Here you go.

William: Hey, that’s not bad.

Dad: Yes, and it’s good for you.

William: Of course it is, because it’s fish.


[while riding in John’s Corvette]

William: I’d like to have a car like this that’s red.

Dad: You want a little red Corvette?

William: Yes, or maybe a blue one so it blends in to the sky, or a green one so it blends in to the trees.


Dad: Are you playing games on the Nintendo DS in the other room?

William: Yes, since you are using your computer and mom is using her iPad, I thought we could all play with something electronical.





Your Achievements

With your attitude, your focus and your actions, you can choose your achievements. And by choosing your achievements, you are choosing the kind of life you experience.

Because you are so skilled at achievement, you have a grand opportunity available to you right now. Let yourself dream, and know that your very own abilities can enable you to reach that dream if you choose.

You are constantly achieving, so point those achievements in a joyous and meaningful direction. You achieve, so use those achievements to make your life the very best it can be.

Excerpt taken from a post by Ralph Marston.

You can read the entire post here:


Social Media and our Health

Health-focused social media sites, combined with the use of personal health records, can be a reliable source to monitor chronic disease, according to a study that tracked patients with diabetes. Participants were given the option of submitting personal data that were then displayed on county- or state-level maps. Healthcare IT NewsModern Physician.

Drug Shortages

Doctors, hospitals and federal regulators are struggling to cope with unprecedented drug shortages in the United States that are endangering cancer patients, heart attack victims, accident survivors and a host of other ill people.