Happy Birthday, Joe!


Stay young, stay healthy!  Happy, happy special day.  We wish you continued celebrations and fulfillment of all your goals and desires.  We are grateful you were born.  🙂

Throwing Curveballs

Sometimes you can get bad news first thing in the morning.  The next thing you decide is if it’s going to affect your mood for the entire day.  We’re responsible for our happiness.  I’m going to decide to make it a great day.


Cigna for Individuals and Small businesses

From Cigna’s website:  “CIGNA brings the capabilities and advantages larger companies have enjoyed to small groups and individuals. We offer one of the largest networks in the country, a full range of medical and pharmacy plans, award-winning customer service, a personalized member website, and much more.”  You can visit their website for more information www.Cigna.com or give us a call.  All the insurance companies we offer have outstanding benefits and a wide range of plans.  We’re here to answer questions on any company and help to simplify your many options.

Electronic Medical Records and Kaiser

Eleven more Kaiser Permanente hospitals recently received the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s “Stage 7 Awards,” representing the highest level of recognition for hospital-based electronic medical records implementation. In the last three years, 35 of Kaiser’s hospitals received Stage 7 Awards—out of only 55 nationwide. Read more about their leadership in the use of health information technology:


Kaiser Permanente Wins 2011 Catalyst Award

2011 Catalyst Award Winner

Kaiser Permanente’s initiative, Achieving Our Mission and Growing the Business Through the National Diversity Agenda, makes diversity and inclusion central to the organization’s competitive advantage and its ability to deliver culturally competent health care to its 8.6 million members.

You can read more details here: