Baby Birds!

A new family has set up camp just outside Maguire Insurance Headquarters!  

Stay tuned as they continue to grow…


UPDATE:  They’re all grown up and flew away today!



Nurse Practitioners For Routine Care

A new Poll by Rasmussen reports that 67% favor expanding use of Nurse Practitioners for routine care.  With a growing shortage of doctors projected for the years ahead, a number of states are considering or have already passed legislation that allows nurse practitioners to step in for physicians in routine cases. Most voters think that’s a good idea.  For more details:

Earth Day and Exercise

From the Sharp Health Care Newsletter:  “Today is Earth Day, which focuses on how we can better our planet and create a smaller footprint on the environment. This year, try taking it one step further by turning the spotlight onto something equally as important — better health.”

Sharp offers a list of top ten places to hike or walk in San Diego:

And for more information on Earth Day:



Unwanted SPAM

Most of us suffer from increasing levels of email spam – unsolicited junk emails that clog up your inbox with unwanted adverts, dodgy website links or even virus attachments.

Receiving a lot of spam makes it harder to sort out the wheat from the chaff and find your genuine emails. Spam also presents security risks and may contain obscene language or adult material – spammers send out literally billions of emails, they don’t care if the recipient is an adult or child.

Here is a useful article about a free spam blocker from our friends at

Learn the Basics

Blue Shield offers a list of commonly used vocabulary (concepts and terms) to help you make smarter healthcare decisions:

And of course, you can learn more through our website and get a quote by clicking on Blue Shield (Apply On-Line Here)… or click on "Contact Us" and we'd be happy to answer questions on any company.

We wish you a wonderful and happy weekend.  Enjoy the sunshine!